15 Minute Cities and SMART Cities are Digital Prisons


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A SMART City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance. The goal is to know everything about everybody: what you eat and drink, where you go, what you buy, who you meet, your habits, your health status, your vaccination status, etc. Every. Little. Detail. The justification for this all-encompassing surveillance is that it is supposedly essential to "save the planet" from climate change. Devices like SMART watches on your wrists or SMART phones in your hands will continually gather information about you. This data will be in the hands of globalists - corporations, governments, banks, health care providers etc.

A SMART City limits your movement

Movement in SMART Cities will be limited to 15 - 20 minutes from home. This concept has coined the phrase "15 Minute Cities" and is being promoted as the best idea ever for saving the planet from climate change. Everything you need will be made available within a short walk or bike ride, so you never need to go beyond that perimeter. For longer distances, you will need to ask for permission.

Other designations include:

SMART Cities emerge from a larger concept - The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Society 5.0), which aims to merge cyberspace with physical space (transhumanism). This "revolution" is outlined by United Nations (UN) Agenda 21 (2030 Agenda) which is built upon 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Virtually no area of human activity and no person will be left untouched by the 2030 Agenda.

SMART Cities are Digital Prisons

A former Silicon Valley engineer, Aman Jabbi, is sounding the alarm that SMART Cities will essentially be open concentration camps: "By giving them your data, you give them the ability to monitor and assess your behavior, which can now be converted into a social credit score. That score is then used to determine what privileges you qualify for and which ones you don't in the new slave society."

This Social Credit Score has been deployed in China. Your Social Credit Score connects to your Digital ID, which in turn, connects to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), your health status, police record, online activities, vaccine status, etc. When you disobey, or criticize the system, your spending will be curtailed, and your access to basic aspects of society will be blocked. Missing one injection could block your access to: banking; health care; government services; internet; travel; etc.

Note that the Central Banks are private corporations - they are NOT run by, or directed by any government.

36 Pioneer Cities

According to the World Economic Forum, the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance launched 36 "pioneer cities" at the Smart City Expo World Congress. Here are some of those cities: Barcelona; Belfast; Bogota; Buenos Aires; Dubai; Hamamatsu; Hyderabad; Istanbul; Leeds; London; Manila; Medellin; Melbourne; Mexico City; Moscow; Toronto.

The Canadian Government recently completed their SMART Cities Challenge. The winners were:

According to Edmonton's Smart City Strategy - "For Edmonton, a Smart City is not just about technology. Instead, it is about creating and nurturing a resilient, livable and workable city through the use of technology, data and social innovation."

In the Netherlands, the government recently announced the destruction of 3,000 farms in order to make room for a monstrous SMART City called the TriState City Network, which will house 40 million people from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Their 'logic' for seizing the land and destroying the animals of 3,000 farms is that they "emit too much CO2", which is "destroying the planet".

We are the 99.999%
the globalist tyrants are only the 0.001%

The majority of people have received the injection, have a SMART phone in their hand, have SMART meters in their homes, have SMART technology in their cars ... and still they say "it's all a conspiracy theory".

It is NOT a theory!

We must open our eyes.

Not tomorrow, but TODAY.


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"This Digital stuff
is absolutely key.
Because, without it,
they can't enforce anything!
If they have a digital process
whereby they can restrict
your movement,
your behaviour,
and your decisions,
with a click of a button,
you are done.
You're done!"
You have become their slave.
Jan. 29, 2023

Australian Senator
Alex Antic warns about
the dangers of
Digital ID, SMART Cities,
SMART homes, SMART cars,
SMART appliances, SMART lights
and SMART neighbourhoods
March 30, 2024

Australian Senator
Malcolm Roberts
"The Digital ID will change
the lives of every Australian
for the worse"
March 27, 2024
"The Digital ID will, in effect, create a live data file of your movements, purchases, accounts and associates containing reference to every piece of data being held in the private and government sector as a first step in a wider agenda. Tech giants have been building huge data files on every citizen for years. Digital ID is the glue that holds together the digital control agenda by which every citizen will be controlled, corralled, exploited and then gagged when they speak or act in opposition."




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Senator Alex Antic
Your SMART City is tracking you!
Dec. 11, 2022

What is a 15 Minute City?
Randy Hillier
Mar. 15, 2023

ULEZ, LTN, 15 Min Cities
Where does this Slippery Slope lead?
Mar. 27, 2023

What is the Biodigital Convergence?
Learn more at

Calgary blueprint for '15 minute-cities'
(March 14, 2024)
Edmonton pursuing '15-minute city' policy
(Feb. 2, 2024)
Alberta Conservatives reject '15 Minute Cities'
(Nov. 4, 2023)
Sign the petition

Canadian Lawyer
Lisa Miron
July 5, 2023

Lisa Miron discusses Canada's Smart Cities, 15 Minute Cities, C40 Cities which is part of the United Nations race to achieve zero emissions.

Knowledge is Power!
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Lisa Miron's
Substack Articles

To: Manager of Development Planning
Cambridge City Hall (Ontario, Canada)
(519)-623-1340 ext. 4520
Mar. 23, 2023

Dear Joan Jylanne, On behalf of Connective Consulting, we would like to thank you for this exciting opportunity to be in partnership with The City of Cambridge in their "15-Minute Neighbourhood" initiative. The development of 15-minute Neighbourhoods around the globe has aided the progression towards achieving more sustainable, acessible, and prosperous communites. Improving both the well-being of residents, and the surrounding environment, As provided below, our team has compiled a comprehensive report proposing agile recommendations to ensure the City of Cambridge becomes and exemplar for up-and-coming 15-minute neighbourhoods for the rest of our nation. Our report will expand on a series of case study comparisons, reccommendations, and a brief feasibility section.

Article (PDF)
Smart City Strategy
prepared by the city of Edmonton 2017

Smart Meters
Aug. 23, 2018
The shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments and millions of ratepayers are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of "smart" utility meters. In-home surveillance, hundreds of home fires, several fatalities, systemic over-billing, health risks, unprecedented hacking vulnerability, and even extortion.
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Also visit www.StopDIGITALid.info
to learn how Digital ID will put you at the mercy of the government, the central bank and the Globalists.


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Also visit www.UseCash.ca
to learn how a cashless society will put you at the mercy of the government, the central bank and the Globalists.




The videos and articles below, reference the actual plans of governments and institutions.


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Cambridge (Ontario, Canada)
council concerned with impact of
$4.5 billion ION LRT expansion
May 24, 2023

This is happening in YOUR community
30x30 Land Grab
Land Value Capture
Land Taxes
Digital Economic Zones
Julianne Romanello, PhD.
Mar. 29, 2023

Read the Notice of Liability
and then please serve
every elected official
in your community
This is your opportunity to meet with your mayor and council, MLA/MPP and MP and provide them valuable information. It is also the right time to be proactive and serve them the Notice of Liability advising them that if they take part in developing a SMART City/15 Minute City they could be held personally liable.

More resources at Freedom Rising

Meeting - How to THRIVE in Chaos
VCC-CHA Live Wednesday
Guest: Tish Conlin
Wed. May 17, 2023
7 - 8 pm EDT
Tish is an Author, THRIVE Coach and 15-minute City Expert
Click here to register

Thu. May 25, 2023 at 7 pm

In person discussion on 15-minute cities by Tish Conlin.
NEW LOCATION: Chuck's Roadhouse, 14375 Simcoe St., Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, L9L 1S9
Bring your friends and neighbours to discuss your concerns about the implementation of Digital Districts and Smart Cities by Canada Health Alliance member Tish Conlin.
Please RSVP to patricia@patriciaconlin.ca

Spy cameras being installed in Oxford UK
Apr. 10, 2023

12 Year Old Girl
Destroys Concept of 15 Minute Cities
Feb. 19, 2023

Smart Cities
How The Elites Plan To Control Us!

ULEZ expansion
Road Fees
Facial Recognition
Voice Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Apr. 13, 2023


The Four Yorkshiremen

ANPR stands for
Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
Smart City projects can significantly benefit from ANPR cameras as these cameras remove the need for human intervention. ANPR cameras are efficient in tracking cars and pulling their records. An ANPR camera can detect and enforce vehicles entering the low emission zones (LEZ) 24/7. In case a vehicle violates programmed permissions, the ANPR camera will inform law enforcement and share all relevant vehicle details with them. When a car crosses an ANPR camera, it compares the car's data against its number plate. Then the camera informs law enforcement if the vehicle is wanted for any of the following reasons: previous criminal activity (e.g., vehicle theft, carjacking); speeding (e.g., in a school zone); or any traffic violation (e.g., driving under the influence). Moreover, a purpose-made ANPR camera might be integrated with the law enforcement server to track vehicles of interest. These cameras pull number plate information and take adequate images in any light condition of the vehicle and its driver, making them efficient in a manhunt.

15 Minute City,
proposed in
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What is a 15-minute city
C40 Cities

An alert resident of
Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
warns her town council about
15-minute cities and Smart Cities
March 13, 2023

Mass leafleting in Oxford
against 15-minute cities

No 15 Minute Cities
Feb. 18, 2023

Footage shows LTN barriers set on fire

Vandals set light to bollard
in protest at Oxford LTN scheme

15-minute cities
are an attack on cars,
our freedom of movement
and our independence

ULEZ cameras covered with
boxes and bags by protesters

Thetford Community
Stand Against
20 Minute Neighbourhoods

15-Minute City Forum
Cooksville Part 2:
Planner Presentation and Q and A
(Mississauga, Ontario)

Welcome to C40 Cities

Gareth Bacon hits out at
Ulez scheme extension in London

Council admits LTNs
haven't solved traffic problems

These deeply illiberal, unBritish
15 minute cities are beyond the pale

Bounds Green
LTN trial
receives backlash

How Thetford Community
are fighting back

Dutch Farmers are
growing more food using less resources.
They are Pioneers for Our Planet
according to the World Economic Forum.
Nov. 27, 2019

So, why are 3,000 Dutch farms being bought by the government?
To build the Tristate City ...

Tristate City
Is This The REAL Reason
They Want The Dutch Farmers Land?
Dec. 21, 2022

EU Approve Plan
To SHUT Dutch Farmers Down
May 18, 2023

The Line
Saudi Arabia's controversial mega-city project
July 27, 2022

The Line, Trojena, Sindalah, Oxagon
Incredible Progress has been made on
the Construction of the Saudi megacity
July 22, 2023

Say NO to 15 Minute Cities

In the Face of Extraordinary Challenges,
36 Pioneer Cities
Chart a Course Towards
a More Ethical and Responsible Future
WEF (World Economic Forum)

Canada Smart Cities Challenge
Winners Announcement

interactive map of
the 199 communities
that applied to
Canada's Smart Cities Challenge

Search for YOUR city.
Why do RURAL communities want to be a SMART city?

A net zero
carbon future
for cities
World Economic Forum
"A net zero carbon future for cities (World Economic Forum). The Net Zero Carbon Cities programme is creating an enabling environment for clean electrification and circularity that will result in urban decarbonization and resilience. It does this by fostering public-private collaboration to bridge the gap across the energy, built environment and transport sectors."

Note that the definition of Fascism is "public-private collaboration".

The carbon they want to eliminate is you


12,794 CITIES
1.145 billion PEOPLE

The Smart City Infrastructure Fund is an
investment vehicle which provides
long-term private institutional capital for
the development of sustainable urban ecosystems.

The Fund helps cities deal with:

Why do we need smart cities?
Thales Group
SMART cities aren't just a concept or a dream of the future. Thanks to the wildly innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, many are already active and expanding rapidly. Municipal governments are leveraging cellular and Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) wireless technologies to connect and improve infrastructure, efficiency, convenience, and quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

The OECD Programme
on Smart Cities
and Inclusive Growth

How is the World Economic Forum
improving the future of cities?

How to build back better
with a 15-minute city
C40 Knowledge Hub

United Nations Development Programme
Smart Cities

What is a smart city?

Smart City Solutions
from Rogers Business

United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Sustainable Development
Goal 11
Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable

United Nations
What are the
Sustainable Development Goals?

City of Guelph to test the use of a
local digital currency to
incentivize behavioural changes
that reduce emissions

City of Guelph
Our Food Future
releases strategic go-forward priorities

The Fourth Industrial Revolution
WEF (World Economic Forum)

Society 5.0
Human centeredness in a cyber-physical society

Article (PDF)
Agenda 21
Agenda 2030
The overall objectives of Agenda 21 and the eight Millennium Development Goals agreed on by the 189 UN member-states in September 2000 were synthesized into a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets to be achieved by 2030.

G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance
Powered by the World Economic Forum

Smart City Expo
World Congress

The Smart City Expo World Congress is the world's biggest and most influential event on urban innovation. We connect leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future.

Tristate City
The Reason to Bankrupt Dutch Farmers

The Globalists Megalopolis Plan for The Netherlands, Belgium and a slice of Germany. How in this carbon-conscious age could such a project have survived the eco piety of the environment zealots? It is hardly obvious how building skyscrapers and covering large areas in concrete can be more sustainable than farmland, but the project boasts that it supports all of the United Nations sustainability goals.

Website - StopDIGITALid.info
Click here to learn more about
SMART Everything
BioDigital Convergence
Human Augmentation
Nanotechnology Initiative
Digital Twin, IoT, IoMT
SMART Healthcare





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Pamphlets, Flyers, Posters and info from

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Article - 10 Steps to stop the New World Order - Practical guide

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Click here to download the PDF file
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Click here to download the PDF file
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Click here to download the PDF file
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to learn how Digital ID will put you at the mercy of the government, the central bank and the Globalists.




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Dr. Rima Laibow
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May 22, 2023





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